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Our licensed acupuncturist and massage therapists have over 20 years of clinical experiences. Dr. Chen studied acupuncture at Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She was certified as a member of the American Acupuncture Association in 2001.

We have one of the best acupuncturist and massage therapists in the DMV area. Majority of our customers are referral from friends, families, and colleagues.

We treat all kinds of acute and chronic pains, such as: neck pain, shoulder pain (periarthritis of shoulder / frozen shoulder), wrist pain, tennis elbow, back pain, low back, knee pain, ankle pain, sciatica, lumbar disc herniation, leg pain, leg numbness, arthritis, gout, muscle stiffness, etc. Our clinic is highly effective in treating headaches, migraines, facial paralysis, depression, anxiety, insomnia, tinnitus, pollen allergies, and post-stroke rehabilitation.

Please call 240-257-2882 to schedule an appointment.

Woman Face Up Massage At Temple


Acute and chronic pain
Muscle spasms
Reduce stress and increase relaxation

Acupunture Needles


Acute and chronic pain
Muscle spasms
Migraines and Headache

Cupping On Back


Soften tight muscles
Increase blood flow to body tissues

Our Treatments

Let us know how you feel, and our professional massage therapists and/or acupuncturist can customize the therapy session for you.

If you have acute and chronic pain our licensed acupuncturist will consult with you and derive a plan to treat your issue(s).

Massage Therapy

You come to the right place for deep tissue massage
Our licensed massage therapists work with you to improve your overall wellness.


Do you know it doesn't hurt?
Needle injection feels similar to a fingernail scratch. The average diameter of an acupuncture needle is about 0.25mm, which is about 10 times smaller than the average diameter of medical syringe.
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Cupping Therapy

Help with pain, blood flow, inflammation, relaxation and overall well-being.

We are in network with Aetna, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, and Cigna.

Auto accident claims are also accepted.

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Customer Testimonies

Felix Zhou
Carlos Gonzalez
Excellent service, I went there for back and ankle pain, I previously have tried massages and they work but only relief the pain for few days at most.

Tried cupping and acupuncture, haven't feel the pain and it's been around 2 weeks ago, besides there is no pain on the process.

Felix Zhou
Ryan Li
I have severe allergy symptoms that are significant impacting my daily life. I can barely get 2-3 hours of sleeping every night if I'm lucky, and my allergy normally last 6-9 month a year.

I visited "Amazing Health Center" a month ago, recommended by my friend, not sure what I'm going to get out of this acupuncture treatment, and I am terrified about needles.

I didn't noticed any different immediately after the treatment. But that night, I was able to breath, and slept through the night! Those who only gets 2-3 hours sleeping time at night knows how painful it is. The affect lasted 3 nights before allergy came back. My second and third visit to "Amazing Health Center" each brought 1 week and 3 weeks of relief. I am now having high hope for my 4th visit which was last week, wondering how long this time the relief will last.

This past Saturday, my 11 years old son also received acupuncture treatment for his allergy. It result is encouraging.

I am so glad that I found this place. Highly recommend to those who is suffering by allergy. Acupuncture really works!!
Felix Zhou
Ben G.
After suffering a recent back injury, my coworker recommended Dr. Li Chen to me. I was experiencing severe discomfort and was unable to move, sit, or walk without pain. Even sleeping was a painful experience. However, after just one session with Dr. Chen, I experienced a significant reduction in my back pain. She recommended a follow-up, and after a total of three visits, my back pain completely disappeared.

To my surprise, I found my favorite massage establishment. They provide deep tissue massages that are truly strong and effective in relaxing and loosening my stressed and knotted muscles. I give them two thumbs up! Thanks, everyone for the amazing services. Highly recommended to everyone.
Dave Yang
Dave Yang
Been having backpain due to herniated disc in my lower back for the past few years and figured I'll give acupuncture a try since physical therapy by my chiropractor didnt work. I just saw Dr. Chen and her team for the first time today and was impressed by her and her team's knowledge and expertise. The session began with deep tissue therapeutic massage followed by acupuncture (my 1st time and it didnt hurt at all). The therapeutic massage was also great - leagues better than at Massage Envy..etc that I've tried for the past 3-4 years. While my back still hurts its feel MUCH better than earlier. Will be going back as it takes time to resolve an issue such as mine. Definitely recommend if you have a sports/back/muscle injury.
Felix Zhou
Felix Zhou
Excellent acupuncturist, her technique is amazing and needle entry was practically painless. I was treated for stomach bloating. Around half an hour after the therapy session I started repeatedly belching, and around an hour or two later the pressure in my stomach was completely relieved.
Joanne Deng
Joanne Deng
My husband had a bad cough after covid and came to Amazing Health Center for help. His cough dramatically improved right after the first treatment. After 3 treatments, it was complete gone.

I recommended it to my friend who had a long cough for a few months. Her cough was gone after only one treatment!All the staff are so friendly and helpful! Thank you Amazing Health Center!
liqing Zeng
liqing Zeng
I have suffering neck pain and back pain all the time, they gave me a great relief and comfort. The environment is fully equipped to provide comfort and treatment. The team is very considerate, especially Dr. Chen and Sharonx! Thank you so much.
Zhifan Zhou
Zhifan Zhou
Each time the treatment takes around 1.5 hours, consisting of 1 hour of massage and cupping from the assistants and another half an hour of acupuncture by Dr. Chen. It is covered by different insurance plan with co-pay, which is a big advantage overall.

I'm impressed by the variety of the treatments. Dr. Chen will address different acupuncture points depending on the needs each time while taking care of some of the acupuncture points if it is a long-term issue. Some of the acupuncture needles can be connected with electronic currents to get the effects boosted. While needling, they are also very considerate to provide the heating lamps to keep the exposed body parts warm.

I would highly recommend customs to try different assistants with different styles of massage/cupping. Cupping, in my opinion, deals with the muscle problem directly after the working out. You can discuss with the assistants to adjust that.

Generally, the Amazing Health Center is a very nice place to be and people there are nice and considerate. I'm happy to be there.
Maroon Aggie
Maroon Aggie
My wife and I have suffered back pain for years. We were trying to find a treatment that can at least relieve the pains for a long time until one of our friends recommended Dr. Chen and her team. It was just amazing after a couple of treatments that my back never hurts anymore. I highly recommend Dr. Chen and Acupuncture treatment for those who have longtime back pains. We have been here for more than 10 times, and we found their services is always excellent, 10/10 absolutely!
Yini Fu
Yini Fu
What can I say?  I highly recommend this place for acupuncture, and massage therapists are awesome too.  Dr. Li Chen is very knowledgeable, and she treated my 2 major injuries.

One time I tried to lift a heavy object and felt a sharp pain in my back.  After that, I couldn’t move and couldn’t get out of bed.  Dr. Chen put some needles in my back and my back improved after the first session.  After few more treatments, my backpain was gone.  Although the pain never came back, I am cautious about lifting heavy items.

I recently injured my knee due to running too much in triathlon.  My left knee was swollen like a balloon and couldn’t bend.  It was very painful to walk up and down the stairs.  This was caused by excessive exercises and inflammation of my knee.  Dr. Chen inserted some needles in the area with electromagnetic pulse vibration.  This was to ease the pain and can slowly bend the knee.  After multiple treatment sessions, now I can swim, ride bike, and play tennis.  The massage therapist is very good.  I go regularly to relieve fatigue and stress.  I feel particularly relaxed.  I will continue to visit even when my pains are pretty much gone, because maintenance is equally as important as the treatment of the pain.  This is my favorite place for massages, and so glad I can go back to my regular routines.
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I am a new patient at Amazing Health Center in Rockville. I have seen Dr. Li Chen for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including massage, cupping therapy, and acupuncture. After 4 visits, I am impressed with everyone who has provided treatment for me and I am grateful for the positive results that are helping me feel better. Here are some of the changes I am already experiencing: reduction in joint pain, reduction in pinched nerve sensation in my cervical spine, improved circulation, decrease in muscle tension, quicker recovery post-exercise, greater blood flow to my fascia and trigger points which has reduced my overall pain, 100% better sleep without interruption from pain. Dr. Chen is the consummate professional: knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and accurate in her assessment of my condition. She is skillful and always makes me feel relaxed and gives me hope that my pain will resolve. Sharon is the front desk scheduler and is always patient, professional, caring, flexible and attentive. Finally, both massage and cupping therapists have done an incredible job working with me to improve my condition. Each cupping treatment has resulted in better circulation, increased range of motion, reduction in tissue adhesion from surgery. I am confident that I found the best care and treatment for me. Thank you Dr. Chen and your talented staff for providing truly Amazing health care treatment. I look forward to seeing you again! Impressed New Client - Rockville, MD
I injured my left knee while playing tennis several years ago, and it led to a pre-arthritis diagnosis.  My orthopedic didn't recommend surgery and prescribe medication to manage my pain.  My knee would swell up like a balloon, and I couldn't bend it without experiencing sharp pain, causing me to lose flexibility. Even simple activities like walking down stairs or tapping a soccer ball would cause significant pain. That's when a friend recommended Dr. Li Chen to me, and despite my initial hesitations due to my fear of needles, I decided to give acupuncture a try.

Dr. Chen was very patient and understanding, and she took the time to explain the entire process to me. After just two sessions, I noticed a significant improvement in the flexibility of my knee and a decrease in the level of pain I was experiencing. Dr. Chen explained that everyone's healing process is different and that it would take several sessions to heal. I followed her guidance, and I was amazed by the results. I can now jog and participate in sports without any issues or discomfort.

In addition to helping with my knee pain, I also received treatments from Dr. Chen for my back pain and back spasms.  She made a significant difference in my overall pain management, quality of life, and participate in activities I once thought were impossible.

I highly recommend Dr. Li Chen to anyone seeking pain relief. Her knowledge and skill in acupuncture are truly remarkable, and her commitment to helping her patients is evident in the quality of care she provides. If you are considering acupuncture or are in need of pain relief, I encourage you to give her a chance. Thank you, Dr. Chen!
Incredible establishment. I couldn't move when I came in and I can walk when I left. I will absolutely be back. I got cupping massage and electromagnetic stimulation and it was a real help to me. Thank you so much!
This is a clean and professional health spa that provides excellent massage, cupping, and acupuncture service. Highly recommended.